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Life & Leadership Coach — Why choose me?
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My approach is patient, supportive and non-judgemental. I’m here to give you the space to speak, and an actionable framework for positive change. 


When you’re not confident in relationships, it drains your energy and self-esteem. Think of me as your friendly, respectful guide towards peace of mind.

I’m on your side


Don’t worry about not having the right words. You’ll have room to express yourself and I’ll listen with care. You can be completely honest. 


I’ll be equally honest with you. If I suspect you’re telling me a false narrative, I’ll call you out — and those challenges always come from a place of sincerity and respect.     


As a life and leadership coach, I’m here to help you grow and learn, so I may seek out things you’ve previously kept hidden. No matter what, I’m on your side. 


It’s important that I understand the problem you’re trying to solve, so let’s have a chat first. 

Fresh perspective

A fresh perspective on yourself

I’m curious about you. I’ll use that curiosity to untangle the real issues so that you can see a clear path forward. 


During the process, you get the chance to see yourself, and how you are, from multiple angles. You start to gain more self-knowledge and it gives you a fresh perspective. 


Together, we find ways for you to approach things in a different way. You become more confident about your values and what you need from other people. You can communicate your needs more clearly.


Rather than struggling to fit someone else’s ideal image, you can be entirely yourself. 

A flexible path to happiness

Flexible path

We’ll usually have sessions every 2 weeks, and I ask for a minimum 6-month commitment — although I know you’re busy. We’ll find a schedule which suits you. 


After the first 6 months, I’m here if you need more support, reassurance or just a listening ear. 

This should be an inspiring, enjoyable journey to the happiness you deserve. I want to make it comfortable for you. 

Let’s have a chat first. You can tell me what you need, ask questions, and see what you think.

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