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Professional relationship coach

Career success is about building strong healthy relationships. The problem is, that’s easier said than done. 


Poor communication, misunderstandings, lack of self-confidence… They all get in the way of working relationships. A lack of engagement with others makes it difficult to meet your goals. You can end up feeling frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed or just plain lonely.   

As a professional relationship coach, I raise your confidence about relating to others. In a safe, confidential space we untangle the real issues, and find positive ways to overcome them.


Why see a professional relationship coach? 

Relationship coaching has both professional and personal benefits. For example, it can help with: 


  • Communication. You learn to communicate in a clear way while being entirely yourself. 

  • Persuasion. You can bring people with you and get buy-in for your ideas. 

  • Difficult situations. You can move through them calmly, with less stress and upset. 

  • Personal strength. Deeper self-awareness can break the cycle, bringing confidence and clarity to all areas of your life.  

Inner saboteur

Defeat your inner saboteur

To some extent, we all have an inner saboteur. It’s responsible for many of our limiting beliefs.  


Damaging self-talk can tell us to muffle our feelings, or express them in an upsetting way. It makes us avoid speaking out, or unintentionally charge headlong into conflict.  


How do you manage this self-saboteur? It’s my job to help you find the answers. 


During the sessions, we get to the core of who you truly are — your values and needs, strengths and challenges, triggers and habits. You become more comfortable in your own skin. 


Over time, it becomes easier to:


  • Motivate and inspire your teams. You’ve learnt how to bring people with you and get buy-in for your ideas. 

  • Set boundaries because they come from a place of integrity.

  • Build stronger bonds with people you can rely on. They have your back.  

  • Encourage innovation. Your colleagues are comfortable to unleash their creativity and share ideas. 

  • Create a sense of togetherness because you’ve built strong, mutually supportive working relationships. 

Speak freely

You can speak freely

As a professional relationship coach, I give you the space to express yourself. I’m non-judgemental so you can speak freely. 


I don’t issue instructions. Instead, I ask powerful, sometimes challenging questions which draw your thoughts towards answers which are right for you. 


This is your chance to speak from the heart. It’s an opportunity to find the happiness and success which you deserve. 


Are you ready to take the first step?

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