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Personal relationship coach

As a personal relationship coach, I help you to build relationships based on honesty, self-respect and equality. 


It could be family conflict, difficulty making friends, miscommunication, too many short-term flings or a long unhappy relationship. It’s easy to feel misunderstood and lonely — and when relationships become toxic, our self-worth gets damaged. 


I’m patient, supportive and entirely non-judgemental. You can speak from the heart. This is a safe space where we get to the core of who you are, and what you really need from other people. 


You learn how to take care of yourself and express your own needs — and together, we create strategies for you to build trusting, reliable relationships.


How does a personal relationship coach help?

Put simply, relationship coaching is an opportunity to add more fun and adventure to your life. 


It’s a chance to do the following:


  • Replace loneliness with confidence and self-knowledge

  • Deconstruct and re-learn how you relate to others

  • Create deep connections with people who are on your side


Are you ready to take the first step into a more fulfilling life?


The relationship coaching process

As a coach, I can’t give you all the answers. I’m here to provide a framework for exploring your core values and emotional needs, past relationships, and how to find new ways of doing things. 


Over time, your thinking starts to shift. Effectively, you’ve created your own tools for resolving the challenges. You find the answers and know what to do. 


The benefits of relationship coaching

With time, and a willingness to change, there are multiple benefits. For example, it could become easier to: 


  • Make friends with people who genuinely like you — the person you truly are. 

  • Stop the cycle of short-lived relationships. You know what you’re looking for.  

  • Create a mutually supportive partnership of equals.  

  • Build relationships where you help each other to thrive. You take care of each other. 

  • Say goodbye to self-doubt and limiting beliefs. You’re comfortable in your own skin.


It may be difficult to imagine this right now. I understand. I’ve been there myself, so I’ll always approach our sessions from a place of empathy. 


If you’re open to the idea of change, you can do it. You can achieve the happiness you want, need and deserve. 

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