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Relationship Coach


My name is Nicolas Rion, and I’m a relationship coach. I guide and support you to become confident at building supportive relationships which stand the test of time. 


Unhappy relationships, whether personal or professional, are a fast track to loneliness. They can damage your self worth, mental and physical health. Toxic, difficult relationships can stall your career. 

As a relationship coach, I give you time, space and expert guidance to work out what you really need from relationships. You learn about yourself, and about others, and we find specific strategies to move forward from whatever is holding you back.

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Professional relationships

Strong professional relationships lie at the heart of any successful career. It can be overwhelmingly stressful when they’re plagued by misunderstandings — and if people won’t listen to your ideas, it’s difficult to get buy-in. 

Coaching gives you a safe space to think and speak freely. We get to the root of the problem and if you’re ready, I help you overcome the obstacles to make positive, career-enhancing changes.  

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Personal relationhips

Personal relationships

When personal relationships cause hurt, mistrust or conflict, it can be deeply wounding. To protect yourself, you end up holding everyone at arm’s length.


I provide the framework for positive change. I support you while you release limiting beliefs, set healthy boundaries or heal difficult relationships. I can help you find your tribe — trustworthy friends, or a partner who’s there for you, no matter what. 


I guide you through painful issues, help you identify and express what you need, and set relationship goals for future happiness. 

Relationship coacing

A fresh perspective on yourself

I’m curious about you. I’ll use that curiosity to untangle the real issues so that you can see a clear path forward. 


During the process, you get the chance to see yourself, and how you are in relationships, from multiple angles. You start to gain more self-knowledge and it gives you a fresh perspective. 


Together, we find ways for you to approach things in a different way. You become more confident about your values and what you need from other people. You can communicate your needs more clearly.


Rather than struggling to fit someone else’s ideal image, you can be entirely yourself. 

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