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“The environments we evolve in play a big part in determining our behaviours. Our personality will only determine how long we can stay true to our values”


I grew up in Burgundy, France. Surrounded by wine producers and farmers. I had the chance to be educated with the values of the cultivators of the land. “Live with what the land can give you”, “work hard, play after” and “enjoy what you have” were some of the main principles. I consider it a good environment to grow up in, but it can be a little bit harsh for certain personalities, including mine.


When my mother passed away, in my early teenage years, I lost more than a mother. I lost my compass. Today, I realise how much I was relying on her as she would model my values and help me stay in course. I know the rest of my family tried to help as much as they could, and that without them, I would have lost myself completely.


In my early 20s, finishing my studies and making my first steps into the professional world, I entered rough waters. I was faced with environments that would increasingly challenge my values and threaten to make me run aground and sink. It was only with an immense amount of effort and help from friends and family that I managed to regain control and keep the boat afloat.


After a career in Software engineering and constant questioning, I decided to embark on a long journey of self-discovery. This journey helped me in many ways, mostly to reach calmer waters, to give myself time to regroup.


Following this journey, I had the chance to meet the people who would point me in the right direction: The Agile community. With them, I learned all about change management and ways of working, but also and more importantly, about culture and leadership. I found out that the environments we evolve in play a big part in determining our behaviours.


Then I learned that one of the most difficult things we have to do as human being, is to navigate those environments, to stay true to our values, and to show up as the best version of ourselves whatever comes our way. To improve and change what needs to be changed, to be better with ourselves, and others.


This is when I discovered coaching. The art and science of getting people to grow tall enough that they can see past the obstacles and choose a path for themselves. In other words, coaching helps people build their own compass to navigate those environments.


After a few years in the Agile coaching space, it was time for me to fully focus on my mission. I trained in the Co-Active model and launched my business to help leaders build and lead high-performing teams, with Leadership Coaching.

In my spare time, I help individuals navigate their environments and make powerful choices to live a fulfilling life, with Life Coaching.


This is my story and I hope it helps you understand better where I come from, and what inspired me to be a coach.

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