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Find below a few tools and exercises I use in my coaching sessions.

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Wheel of life


The Wheel of Life is a coaching tool used to assess the different areas of your life and understand which ones are balanced and which ones need your attention.

After scoring yourself with my guidance, we dig into the area of your choice and unwrap it so that you can see clearly what actions are necessary to increase its score.

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When it comes to understanding yourself better, your strengths and weaknesses, your body is your ally. It contains a myriad of information that will come complete your rational thinking.


Our gut, our belly, and our shoulders are telling us a lot of information that we forgot how to listen to. Embodiment aims at reconnecting our mind with our body by simply mirroring our movements and identifying where we feel what we feel, allowing us to understand what our minds can't understand.

Female Dancer
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We are wired to stay in our comfort zone. As human beings, we have created mechanisms to protect ourselves from danger and avoid discomfort and pain. Those mechanisms are our saboteurs.

They mean well, and that is why we need to hear them out. But they can make growth and change difficult, as they tend to make the path ahead look harder than it actually is. Bringing them to our awareness and understanding what they are telling us unable us to tame them and move forward.

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We all look at life through our own prism. The sum of our experiences, education, and the environments we evolved in shaped it.

The best way to clearly see the path ahead is, sometimes, to look at the situation through a different lens. One that will increase the number of options we can choose from. This exercise is a great way to get unstuck.

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Our brain is a thinking machine. While we are very good thinkers, we also easily get tangled in the process, ending up asking ourselves the wrong questions.

Powerful questions are open-ended questions that make you think differently about the problem, opening up new paths. They come from curiosity and ignorance and help you fill the gaps in your story. 

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